Ghost Stories, Theatre Royal

I’m back at it again with a theater review. You can’t keep me away. Today’s offering may be slightly different as I’m keen not to give ANYTHING away. Last night my Mum and I went to see ‘Ghost Stories’. I had absolutely no idea what to expect but knew I’d probably shit myself. I’m a very jumpy person anyway so put me in a theater full of other jumpy people and a scary theater production and I’m gone. I loved the format of this show. We meet Professor Goodman who addresses the audience directly as though we are there to hear him. We then meet various other characters and hear their paranormal experiences. The whole plot comes to a head at the end in a dramatic sequence.

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Was I scared? You bet ya. Mainly it was the kind of scared where everything is so tense you’re literally LAUGHING. It was jumpy and it was creepy but I don’t think it’s anything too triggering or too intense. There were great elements of humor along the way to keep it light. I was actually sitting in the Golden Circle so felt a bit of distance but I can imagine the front row feeling quite vulnerable. The set, costume, light and sound  effects were designed so well and made the whole thing so seamless and believable. There were no physical gags that were poorly executed, letting you know how it was achieved. It was such a trilling night and I’d urge everyone to go and see it. Mum and I were laughing so much with fear and it gave such a great adrenaline rush. 

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The acting from the 4 cast members was great. I couldn’t believe a show like this only had 4 characters, they all worked easily as hard to pull it all together. I ‘ve mentioned before but I’m always so impressed when the actors don’t have microphones! Shout out to the crew as well who handled such an impressive set and allowed such seamless transitions. There are really no limits as to what The Theater Royal can achieve in terms of set and they surprise me every time. they must have such a hardworking team.  I had a great night and you will too. Buy tickets here.



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