Thriller Live, Theatre Royal Brighton

Is Annie okay? I guess we’ll never know.  After talking to my friend about Thriller
Live, I was swiftly met with the words ‘Peter Andre’ and my eyes rolled so far back into my head, it really did hurt. Luckily, I arrived to The Theatre Royal last night with no sign of a washed up pop star, just pure talent.


Thriller live national tour can only be described as an immersive musical experience of the life of Michale Jackson. Don’t go into this thinking it’s some awful American Idiot style biopic. With a loosely narrated timeline, it creates the perfect illusion of Michaels discography. Now, let’s put aside the fact he was allegedly a huge nonce, his music was and still is great. I can personally disassociate the artist from the music so I don’t feel bad still enjoying his tunes.


The vocal talent displayed in this production is IMMENSE. Filled with talented professionals and drama school graduates, the stage bursts with on point vocals. There are 4 featured vocalist, each with a different speciality. The 3 men sound earily like Michael. Vocally, the whole production was near perfect but there were a few moments that caught my ears.  Jason Brock has an amazing high sustained belt, especially for a male register. His rendition of ‘ The Lady In My Life’ was beautiful and had an incredible high note which really impressed me. Britt Quentin had the tone of Jackons voice down perfectly and really excelled in the falsetto. Joseph Thomas really impressed me with his swagger (does anyone say that anymore?) and his vocal agility and riffs. The one and only female vocalist, Adriana Louise, had such power and stage presence and really inspired me and I wasn’t surprised to find out she was team Xtina on The Voice. I wanted to be up there harmonising and riffing away with them.


The dancers were equally as strong, each of them displaying so many styles. They were on stage so much and their stamina really impressed me. Some moments I loved were the all boy performance of a few numbers. It helped that I really fancied one of them, wolf tattoo I’m looking at you. They really helped to create the scene and immerse you into the world of the thriller album. The actual ‘Michael Jackson’ character was an  insanely talented dancer called Kieran Alleyne who portrayed such a life like Micheal it was almost spooky. A moon walk so good I thought it was a stage effect. can imagine if you grew up liking his music or have seen him love before, this would have been an emotional experience.


The set, lighting and band are what made the experience so special. Tight lighting queues, special effects and an intense sound created the illusion I needed. It was such a good experience and I’d recommend any music lover to go. One thing I think could be improved is the structure towards the end. There was a song which ended with a bow but it was no where near the end. I understand getting the audience excited by an encore but it took the piss a bit, sorry.  My Grandad and I really enjoyed it, dancing along and feeling truly immersed into the world. If you’re around this week, get to the Theatre Royal. I don’t usually do star ratings but let’s go with a healthy 4.5


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  1. Mum
    9th January 2020 / 1:24 pm

    Erm wrong with the Andrè tha k tou very much.

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