The Coppa Club, Brighton.

There’s a new all-day dining joint in town and it’s called The Coppa Club. Starting in London Bridge, the restaurant now takes home in Brighton Square in the South Laines. I headed there last week with my Grandad to take a look at the menu. After attending the official launch party and tasting some hors d’oeuvres, I had some good expectations.


For drinks, I was EXTREMELY hungover so passed on the cocktails and went for a refreshing juice. I went for the green juice which nearly (nearly) cured me. It was really nice and they had loads of options for soft drinks which I appreciated. At the launch night, I did get to sample a lot of cocktails and they were all expertly crafted.


My Grandad and I thought it was only fair to try some starters as well as mains, all for review purposes only OF COURSE. Truffle is my favourite thing ever so I just had to try the truffle gnocchi. It was nicely flavoured but I wasn’t expecting something so fried. In my previous experience gnocchi is softer but it was still good nonetheless. We also tried the king prawns, a classic bistro menu dish. I really liked how they served the prawns on toast, so it soaked up all the juices and left a nice surprise at the end. The starter / small plates menu was pretty basic but all solid staples that you’d expect to see at this kind of establishment.


For mains it was a toss between something off the brunch menu and the chicken on the main menu. I don’t tend to eat much meat but I was really craving it this day, I blame the hangover. I decided to go for the chicken and I’m so happy I did.  The juicy corn fed chicken seasoned with rosemary and lemon went perfectly with chips and the slaw. I really enjoyed it and could have eaten another one straight after.
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My Grandad went for the trout which was also incredible. It was served on Fergola which I’ve not heard of before. I don’t particularly like those types of grains but he loved it.
Finally, we tried some desserts. The waitress recommended the sticky toffee pudding and I chose the pecan pie. The dessert menu was really solid but I’d like to see more vegan options on there! The sticky toffees was nice but not GROUNDBREAKING, I’ve had way better. The pecan pie was all I ever wanted from a pudding. Warm, gooey, sweet and perfectly balanced with honeycomb ice cream.

Overall I really enjoyed it here. The staff were all really lovely and accommodating. The food was great a md came out quickly. I’d be interested to see how their menu develops as it is fairly basic at the moment. It’d be a great place for a business lunch or family birthday. The outside seating is the selling point for me. Taking over the whole of Brighton Square it’s such a cosy environment for an outdoors cocktail or coffee. Thanks so much to Coppa Club for having me!


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