A Night At The Artist Residence With Habitat

Sleep is literally the most important thing in the world, to me anyway. I’m GREAT in bed and get around 10 hours a night. I can fall asleep within 20 minutes and have an uninterrupted slumber. I like to think I have some pretty good habits when it comes to bedtime and I keep a good environment. One thing I’ve never invested in is bedding. I’ve always settled for whatever my Mum has in the cupboard or just use the same sheets for years on end. When Habitat contacted me to have a night in a Brighton hotel to learn about their new linen and how to get a good nights sleep, I jumped at the chance.


I’ve visited the Artists Residence before for breakfast and a few cocktails but I’ve never been lucky enough to stay. Last year I actually did a review on The Set and mentioned how I’d love to stay there one day – look at me now! The building and the rooms are beautiful. Set right in the middle of Regency Square it overlooks the West Pier and is very central. Each room has been designed and named by a different Artist. It has a restaurant, The Set and a cocktail bar, The Fix.

My room was called Ben Allen and was pop art-inspired with a traditional rug and woodwork. The bedding, of course, was the highlight. Kitted out in full Habitat bed linen, it was one of the cosiest beds I’ve stayed in. My bed was decked out in the Penny Cotton set and it added a really fun element to the room. The quality of these sheets are incredible and make a crisp sound as you climb underneath them. As someone who has never invested before, I love the way I can bring that hotel luxury home.  I also love how they dressed the bed with another polka dot pattern.


We kicked off the evening with a workshop from The Float Spa. We got to make our own bath salts to create the perfect bath. I chose to add some calendula which is apparently great for the skin. I can’t wait to use them when I’m home. We learnt about the power of baths, crystals and self-care which is all very up my street. Then it was time for a lavender-infused cocktail…

For dinner, we were presented with a 4-course meal with accompanying cocktails. The highlight for me was the trout. Cooked to absolute perfection, I want to go home and try cooking it for myself now!

Then back to my room for an evening of Jazz FM, red wine and the best nights sleep I’ve had in a while. (Was it the wine or the bedsheets? We’ll never know). I was kindly gifted a set of Habitat bedding and I’ve put it on my new bed and it’s incredible. The quality of the cotton is unbeatable and it really makes such a difference to my bedroom. As well as bedding, interiors and furniture, Habitat also has a gifting range at Sainsbury’s. I’ve now got their Fig and Cedar range filling my bathroom and am really enjoying it. You can shop the whole bed linen range here and they currently have a few sales one! Thanks so much for Habitat and Artist Residence for having me, I loved it.





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