The Last Few Months On 35mm

Since December, I’ve been dipping my town into the world of film photography and disposable cameras. I bought my first film camera last month and have already had a roll of that developed. It’s been such a fun (&expensive) hobby and I can’t wait to do it more in Summer. I’ve posted a few snaps on my Instagram but I thought I’d start regularly showing you some more on here…

MOTHERS DAY , I cooked the family breakfast and we went on a lovely walk

DISSERTATION, after working on it for 6 months, our diss was over and we celebrated hard. (if you can’t tell, it was fancy dress)


COFFEE, lots of it. My favourite thing to photograph.

SUN, the sun made an appearance in april so I made the most of it with beers, brunches and beaches.

BIRTHDAY,the best birthday ever. Bottomless brunch followed by drinking at all my fave spots in Brighton. (these were taken on my film camera) 

FINISHING UNI  I’ve finally finished my 3 years of uni. We celebrated ALOT.

That’s about it! I’m excited to get snapping away in Summer as I think the look of a film pic creates a great summery vibe. I’ll also be doing a blog post soon sharing some pictures I haven’t posted anywhere yet- ones that didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted. I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!


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