March Roundup

As if another month is over though? Although I’m happy as it means I’m nearly done with uni, the weeks are going so quick. This month has been packed full of prepping for all of my final exams which kick off in April. Not going to lie, it’s been stressful as fuck but that’s why getting a degree is such an achievement. Even though i’ve been busy, I have a few favourites to share with you this month..


I’ve been very lucky this month and had some amazing packages from brands so I’ve been trying out some new bits. My psoriasis has proper flared up (uni stress ew) so I’ve been looking for any products that will help comfort it. For my body I’ve been switching between the Handmade Naturals Shea & Coconut Butter, for more intense moisture and the Palmers classic Cocoa Butter lotion, for when I need to get dressed quick. They both do a great of a nourishing my skin and keeping it comfortable all day and night. I’ll be doing a blog post about my WHOLE routine for my body care soon if anyones interested.


I’ve also been trying some new masks out from PIXI as well. The one that stood out to me the most is the Glow Mud Mask. I actually noticed an instant difference in my skin, more soft and clear. It’s a great one for pre-night out (and maybe when you’re hungover the next day as well). Talking of nights out, I’ve changed my fake tan this month to the Green People Self Tan Lotion and it’s fab! The colour is natural and I find it doesn’t cling to dry patches as much as other brands do. It’s a natural, cruelty-free formula as well which is great.


Obvs, I’ve been absolutely sesshing the new Ariana album. Besides that, there’s not much to update you on. I have been enjoying the ‘Receipts’ podcast, it’s really entertaining and empowering. I’ve also been taking it old school and enjoying the radio a lot more as well instead of Spotify. In terms of TV I watched the MJ documentary and have started on the Madeline McCann one. Not going to lie, the McCann one is quite long and I find myself losing interest rapidly. I would have rathered a 2 part special instead of all the details of 8 episodes. I’ve also been watching season 11 of drag race but I don’ t have a fave yet.



Again, I’ve been really enjoying using a disposable camera. I’ve been sharing them on my Instagram and it’s so nice to have to edit my pictures lol. I can’t wait to use it in Summer, roll on the classic Brighton sunset pictures. As March has been so full on with uni, learning lines and rehearsing for shows, I’ve been really enjoying sneaking away to a rehearsal room with a friend and bashing out a duet or two. It’s like therapy! Also, let’s not forget my 30 min shower concerts that my shampoo gets to sit through every night. 

In terms of food, I’ve had a few insane meals out this month. I started off March by having Brunch at Trading Post, read my review here. Megan, Beckie and I also went for a roast at Bison Beer, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

That’s about it! Quite a short one this month but I pretty much haven’t done anything apart from walking round my room like a duck (don’t ask). Tune in soon for more brunch reviews…



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