Updated Skincare Routine: Morning

One of my first ever blog posts was about my skincare routine. I absolutely love speaking about skincare and learning about other peoples routines as well! I’ve been using some lovely products recently so I thought I’d share them with you. I’m going to start with what I use on my face in the morning and then I’m sure I’ll share my evening routine in a few weeks! Just to give you a little backstory, my skin is fairly ‘normal’ but I do have psoriasis (dry skin) patches all over so I cater for them. I focus on keeping the patches under control and prepping my skin for makeup the best I can.

STEP 1: Cleanse.

Okay, you gotta be washing your face in the morning. You may feel splashing your face with water is enough but for me, I know it isn’t. In the evening I tend to use products that help the turnover of my skin, so exfoliating and regenerating products. So overnight, my face is working to shed all this dead skin and help show fresh skin. I wash this off, along with any sweat and dirt collected overnight, in the morning with a face wash. I really like the DERMOLOGICA Cleansing Gel, as it’s very gentle and soap free. Every now and then, I used a face scrub to manually remove any dead skin. I love the HANDMADE NATURALS Face Scrub. It’s not too harsh and leaves my skin soft and clean. 

STEP 2: Tone. 

Honestly, If I’m in a rush, I don’t always do this step. It’s not necessary for good skin, it’s just a nice extra. After cleansing and patting my face dry, I use a spritz toner to start the hydration process and refresh the skin. On an early morning, this feels amazing! My all-time favourite face spray is the CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir. It really does add a layer of glow and has the most insane smell. 


STEP 3: Serum.

I personally think this is the most important step. Serums are more lightweight formulas, designed to penetrate the skin deeper and delivery active results.I choose to use a serum that helps hydrate so I use the REVOLUTION Hyaluronic Acid Serum which helps plump the skin and allow it to hold on to more hydration. A vitamin C serum is also a great option for the morning. If you have acne, this is a good chance to use any specific treatments.

STEP 4: Moisturise 

At the moment I’m REALLY struggling with my skin and psoriasis on my face (I blame the stress of my final months of uni) so I’ve been taking extra steps to make sure I have a lot of protection and hydration for the day. I’ve been applying some of the MOA Green Balm all over, really taking time to massage it in. It’s a beautiful, organic balm, which really helps soothe my poor little face and helps it stop falling off throughout the day. If my skin isn’t TOO bad, I just use a regular face cream. My favourite for under makeup in the morning is the PIXI Rose Ceramide Cream

That’s pretty much it! I do switch it up alot as I love trying new products but this has been a staple routine for the last month or so and I’m enjoying these products. What do you use in the morning? I’d love to hear in the comments. Check back soon for my evening routine!



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