Brunch at Trading Post, Brighton.

IT’S YOUR BOY, back at it again with a brunch review. I think a look inwards is needed for me as I clearly spend way too much money getting people to make me avocado toast, but we’ll ignore. This weekend I went to Trading Post, on Ship Street. I’d visited before, both for food and drinks but this time I wanted to share my views with you! I’ve seen some tweets recently from the Brighton food blogger community saying this place is overrated and I feel like I disagree. I’d personally say the food at Hixon Green is slightly overrated but that just me.


Not going to lie to you, I didn’t get any pictures of the interior. It was fairly busy inside the day I went and I can’t say there was anything particularly special to photograph anyway. The main selling point to this place, for me, is the outside space. There are also loads of tables inside, upstairs included. Check out the location tag on Instagram for a better look at the interiors.


Trading post is known for its coffee and unique blends. I, of course, went for an oat milk latte and I got the option of 4 different blends. I went for the green monkey blend as I like it stronger and deeper (Jesus christ, that’s what she said).  It was smooth and very well made, I used to work with the barista at flour pot and he knows what he’s doing! Check out that adorable latte art! They also offer a range of cocktails, which I can imagine do really well. In the Summer, the front seats become a real sun trap so Ideal for an espresso martini in the afternoon.


When I struggle to choose a mean, you know the menu is good. I was split between the vegan breakfast (beetroot houmous, avocado, roasted vine tomatoes, flat garlic mushroom, falafel, topped with sauteed spinach, pumpkin & chia seeds.) , the pesto tofu (vegan pesto, cheesy tofu served on two slices of sourdough toast with roasted vine tomatoes & avocado) and the veggie breakfast (organic poached or scrambled egg, avocado, roasted vine tomatoes, flat garlic mushroom, organic seasoned beans, sauteed spinach and buttered sourdough toast topped with pea shoots.)

I was all set on trying the vegan breakfast THEN I saw a waiter bring out the veggie one and my mouth watered. I went for scrambled egg (always). It lived up to my expectations. First of all, I like the way it was presented all on top of a slice of sourdough. The beans and the mushroom were a real highlight for me. The beans were homemade, with simple spices. The mushroom was so garlicky and I would have loved about 100 more. I’m not sure where they get their eggs from but honestly, if I’m paying for eggs at a restaurant I expect them to be as good quality as the ones I get at home, I’m talking ORANGE in colour. They were still cooked perfectly but I just prefer that rich, organic taste and look.

Overall, this meal HIT the spot and I could smash it again right now. Being honest, I really didn’t like the idea of beans and avocado on the same plate but it worked. I want to recreate this meal ASAP. I do like the fact that they didn’t have any meat subsitutes, all the veg was enough! I need to get back to Trading post to try out their pastries, the vegan breakfast and more of the coffee blends. I have a great memory of sitting outside here in the Summer, with a coffee, listening to the buskers. This place has a great vibe and I reccomend to anyone in Brighton. Thanks for Trading post for having us! (for transparency, we got free drinks and a discounted bill but all opinons are my own) 


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