February: A Roundup

Sorry, why did that month go so quick? Maybe it was coz of the absolute YEAR LONG journey that was called January. Overall, February was good. I started uni again fully and had a week-long exam which I got a decent mark for! We devised, rehearsed and performed a full play in 4 days and it was such a fun expereince- ours as about Tinder and was full of jokes. In the new year, I set myself a goal for each month. This month I wanted to save some money. I did manage to sell a few bits online and work on a few brand deals so I suppose I did complete that! I also had some great nights out so here’s a lil roundup…



Continuing on from last months roundup, I’m still loving the fake tan drops! They’re so so good. In terms of makeup,  the only thing that’s really changed is that I’ve gone back to my all-time favourite foundation – Nars Sheer Glow. It’s such a fail-safe base for me, with a dewy finish and reliable medium coverage. It is, however, a bit light for me so I’ll be buying it again soon a shade darker. Something else I’ve been enjoying way more this month is my beloved Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt perfume. I can safely say it’s my favourite perfume in the world. I honestly can’t do it justice by describing it so please just go and sniff it!


Not even sure if I even have to write this section? Obviously, I’ve been absolutely rinsing Ariana’s new album. My top faves are: Bad Idea (for that high harmony alone), Makeup (i literally fall asleep and wake up with this in my head) and NASA. I literally love every song. The Sweetener album for me was really special as it came out just at the right moment I needed it and I connected with every song so deeply and it really helped me change my mindset and get through some shit. This album, however, has come at a time where I’m happy and content so it’s really nice to just be able to enjoy the music. Also, these songs actually BANG SO HARD in the car. 



I didn’t manage to visit a new town this month but I’ve been to on my favourite walk 3 times, to Chichester Marina. It’s such a wonderful place to spend a weekend. The marina morphs into a forest alongside the water, complete with a ‘beach’ and lots of animals. It’s unlike any walk I’ve been on so I’m really enjoying it. In terms of restaurants etc, I went to RedRoaster which was amazing. You can read my review here


Like I said before, I’ve had a few good nights out this month. Going back to Brighton for the weekend makes me so happy as I can’t say Chichester is the best night out. I’ve also been loving using my disposable camera, it’s something I’m going to keep up. You really cannot recreate the effect it has and it makes such a fun memory.



That’s about it for this month. I’ve been pretty busy with uni so I haven’t been trying many new things. I am currently reading a book but I’ll report back next month when I’ve finished it… Thanks for reading!





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