What it’s Like Living Alone At University.

‘Oh, who do you live with then?’ ‘No one, it’s just me’. I’ve had loads of reactions to this but I really don’t see the big deal. I’m in my final year of university and I’m the only person that I know who lives alone. I know it’s not the usual route for students as many people house share so I thought I’d let you know all about my experience in case you choose to do the same…


Naturally, I can sometimes get lonely. At the moment I’m in a two week period where I’m only in uni once a week so it’s helllaaa boring. This is the kind of time where I can get lonely and bored but it’s not really a sad thing. When I’m on full timetable I don’t get in till 6 most nights so I really don’t feel alone. I love my own space and the positives outweigh the negatives for me. I know my friends and family are only a phone call away if I need to talk to someone. I also love hosting so I do have people round quite often which I really enjoy!

why not a house share?

So, my ex-boyfriend and I moved in here at the start of my second year of uni and he moved out around 4/5 months later. I’ve been alone ever since as I couldn’t get out of my lease and I honestly really didn’t want to start living with other people. I’ve made some lovely friends at uni but at the time I wasn’t close enough with any of them to actually live with them! I’d already signed my lease till the end of my third year so I have to just wait it out and pay my very high rent. Sometimes I wish I had the experience of living with people but I did a year in halls and that was enough life lessons for me. I’m also 2 years older than most people on my course and I just feel my needs are slightly different. 

is it expensive?

It is more expensive than living with housemates. I pay £600 for a ground floor 2 bedrooms (with a back room and a utility room) flat with a parking space and a garden. If I had this in Brighton it would be twice the price so I’ve been very lucky. I luckily have enough loan to just about cover the rent but I have to use my overdraft and work to pay the bills. If I was in a full-time job and could afford it, I would 100% still live alone! If the money isn’t an issue, get a studio and do it anyway! 

what are the best bits?

Aside from the obvious walking around naked, listening to whatever music you want and coming home whenever you want- it really is amazing having my own space. You know the feeling of being in your bedroom that you’ve decorated perfectly to suit your style and you have your own little routine and you feel independent? It’s that but a whole house. I decorated everything how I want and I buy all the food I want and I know that no one will touch it. Honestly, the idea of sharing a fridge or shower with someone now makes me angry. I’m not a messy person at all but if I do leave a mug out or decide not to wash up till I’m home, that’s cool! In terms of being social, it’s great as well, I don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to have people around and I can have a party every night of the week if I wanted.

Overall, it had it’s intense up’s and downs. When I’m going through an issue with relationships, uni, work etc etc- it would be nice for somewhere there to distract me or listen to me but my friends are always on the other end of the phone. I also have complete freedom, control and my own space which is amazing. I’d love to hear peoples opinions! Thank you for reading.



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  1. Lou
    5th February 2019 / 7:15 pm

    Great words Georgia! It’s great to live on your own and know that you can so do it! A good experience for the future, you may not always want to live on your own, but at least you know you can AND enjoy it! Let’s get a date in soon before you leave your lovely flat xx

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