A Week In Money #1: A Week Off Timetable.

MONEY. Oh, what a taboo subject (apparently.) However, I don’t think it should be.  Refinery 29 has changed the view on money and has allowed hundreds of millennials to talk openly about the matter, with no shame. I found out about their ‘Money Diaries’ articles from the podcast ‘Keeping It Candid’ hosted by amazing bloggers Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton. I loved listening to it, seeing how other people live and getting a real insight into spending habits. It’s a great way reflect on your own way you treat money and even if you learn nothing from it, it’s a bit of fun. All of last week, I’ve been writing down every penny I spent.

This particular week, I didn’t have uni full time or work so it was very unstructured. When I’m at uni I pretty much spend around £10 on a food shop and that’s it! DISCLAIMER: I’ve structured this like the Refinery 29 articles as I find them very easy to read. Also, as a student I’m not going to be talking about my income at all. Let’s have a look…


Occupation: Musical theatre student, wannabe West End star and part-time blogger. I also sometimes work in various pubs etc.

Age: 22

Location: Living and studying in Chichester. From Brighton.

Rent: £600 a month for a 2 bedroom flat in Chichester. Wifi included.

Bills: Around £70 a month, including phone.

Other expenses: £10 a week for car insurance, £5 a month for Spotify


DAY ONE (Monday) 

7:30am . I wake up to see my £10 direct Debit has come out for my car insurance. I think I’ve got a pretty good deal on this considering my age. I have breakfast and coffee at home.

12pm After a meeting at uni, I walk into town with my friend Rosie on the hunt for something orange to wear that week on a themed night out. I end up just buying some socks for £4.99 and a fair trade dark chocolate bar for £0.95.

3pm My body lotion has run out so I order some more on Amazon. I try a goat milk one, meant to be good for sensitive skin. I have a voucher but it would have cost £14.45

5pm I cook with food I already have in.


TOTAL: £14.95  


DAY TWO (Tuesday)

7am I wake up for a 9am lesson and have breakfast and coffee. I pack a lunch of a vegan lentil and vegetable stew which I had for dinner the night before.

12:30pm Feeling all frugal heating up my food. I realise I left the ice packs in there so my food is now contaminated. I buy a Quorn wrap, coffee and pastry from the canteen (£6). OPS. I always bring my own coffee and keep cup though, so I only pay 20p for hot water.

2pm After I couldn’t find anything orange in town yesterday, I order some orange glitter from Amazon with a voucher (£3)

6pm I have to buy a bone prop for my course. It’s a piece of plastic tied to a string which you put between your teeth to help with diction. Absolutely livid I have to spend £13.40 but what can you do.

TOTAL: £19.40



DAY THREE (Wednesday)

9am I have breakfast at home. I go to rehearsal at uni.

12pm Walking back from uni I pop into Tesco to get wine for that evening. It was only £5.59, the same as glass of house white in Brighton so I can’t complain. I have lunch at home.

8pm We head out. I’ve already paid the  £3 for entry so I only need to pay for drinks. I pre-drink hard to save money so I only end up spending £12 on tequila. RESULT.

Total: £17.59



DAY FOUR (Thursday)

10am I wake up worse for wear. The temptation to order in for breakfast is large as all I have is porridge. I wait a few hours and have a Linda Mccartney pie instead for ‘brunch’ loool.

1pm I drive back to Brighton for the weekend. I eat Mums food for lunch.

3pm I transfer my friend £60 as she is doing my tattoo the next day.

Total: £60


DAY FIVE (Friday) 

9am My water bill has come out of my account, which is only £7.73.

1pm I drive to the flour pot bakery, my fave. I get an oat milk latte and vegan croissant for me and a olive and cheese bread for my friend, which comes to £6. I then get my tattoo!

5pm I order some Bepanthen on Amazon prime for £3, but I use my voucher.


Total: £6


DAY SIX (Saturday) 

11am On my way to pick up my friend Megan, I put £28 worth of Petrol in my car. I haven’t had to top it up since Christmas so this is great.

12pm We go to a cute coffee shop in Shoreham. These coffee dates have become a regualr thing but It’s much cheaper than cocktails so I always see it justified. Meg kindly pays for my oat milk latte as thanks for driving.

1pm I buy a haddock scotch egg (BANGING) from the local market in Shoreham for lunch, which was £3.

5pm I go to Waitrose to get dinner supplies. My friend Keely is coming over so I get us some Camembert, bread, vegan scampi, popcorn and veggie cocktail sausages. It only comes to £6, I think I may have ACCIDENTALLY forgot to scan one of the bread rolls.


Total: £39


DAY SEVEN (Sunday) 

11am I walk to meet my friend Milly and we go to Hixon Green for tea. I resist the pastries and she kindly pays for me! What nice friends I have.

1pm I drive back to Chichester after eating lunch at Mums.

4pm I don’t have much food in but cba to do a food shop on a Sunday so I go to tescos and get; pasta, bread, soy milk and ben and jerrries vegan ice cream.

7pm I have finished my book so after spending some time reading various reviews I order another one on Amazon for £7.

Total: £6.79




FOOD & DRINK:  £34.33






GRAND TOTAL: £163.73


OVERALL, I know it could have been a lot worse. Personally comparing this week to lots of the ones I’ve read online, I don’t use Uber as much as the average. I also didn’t buy as much coffee and food out as I have been recently in Brighton. I find being in Chichester saves my wallet as there’s NOTHING TO DO. When I’m in Brighton there’s always a new restaurant or something to spend money on. I know I could have been better about buying lunch out but it’s not the end of the world. Honestly, comparing my week to a lot of the others on Refinery 29, I haven’t even made a dent (then again, these are professionals earning like 30K).


I’m defo going to do an updated version of when I’m on a full timetable as I literally don’t spend anything. I’ll also do one in Summer/Easter when I’m spending a week going out in Brighton! Also, it’s not every week I get a tattoo or top my petrol up that much. Hope you enjoyed…









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