Rocky Horror at the Theatre Royal, Brighton

Last night I saw ‘Rocky Horror’ at the Theatre Royal. It has been one of my favourite musicals for a long time and Janet has always been a role I’d love to play one day. This production of it did not disappoint, I was so impressed! Here are the deets….


Not going to lie, when I get sent a press release and see lots of names of ex-pop stars and celebrities I always approach with caution. I’ve mentioned before in my reviews that I understand it’s for marketing purposes but sometimes they can REALLY hinder the quality of the show. This one, however, the complete opposite. Joanne Clifton as Janet shined bright with her beautiful voice and elegant dance moves. She embodies the character and gave me the incredible ‘I want to do that’ feeling.

Ben Adams as Brad was ideal. His twangy singing voice suited the song perfectly and he had a wonderful belt. He looked and acted the part effortlessly, let alone being incredibly good looking! I was really surprised by his talent, impressed indeed.

Of course,  Stephen Webb as Frank fabulously the show in terms of glamour and comedy factor.  Name a musical, this guy has been in it. He had insane stage presence and a wonderful voice as well- just what you need from a satanic transvestite.


As previously mentioned, Brad and Janet had the wonderful timbre that these characters require but shocked me a few times with the power of their belts. Quite a few times in this show, there were a few unexpected note changes. I love when a singer is talented enough to modulate a note to make it higher and really show off!

Riff Raff  (Kristian Lavercombe) had an effortlessly beautiful falsetto which suited the show really well! He was great. Magenta and Columbia (Miracle Chance) also had great moments to shine. I found my eyes drawn to Columbia a lot, such a great character. The ensemble was also incredible, adding to the scenes with a wonderful vocal blend.

Shoutout to the Laura Harrison (who also played Magenta) at the start singing ‘science fiction double feature’ who whacked out some great high notes as well.


I took my Grandad to watch this with me (he LOVES all that) and we both mentioned how incredible the sound was. They say in Theatre you only notice sound if it’s bad but the clarity of the voices and the music blended amazingly. The harmonies sounded stunning with the microphones and slight reverb, especially in ‘I’m Going Home’.

With Rocky Horror, if you didn’t already know, comes heckling. In the BEST way possible! They’re all quite well known and the actors pause for the audience to shout things out. Almost like a culty- adult panto. It’s so entertaining! One of my favourite ones was when Riff Raff opened the door to Brad and Janet and someone shouted ‘What’s your favourite Lionel Richie song?’ for him to say ‘Hello’ perfectly on queue.

Overall, I had such a fabulous night and I honestly don’t have a bad word to say. The lighting, sound, set, costume and press were absolutely spot on. Bravo to the whole cast and creative team behind this show- I HIGHLY recommend you go see it before it closes on the 5th of Jan. Buy tickets here.


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