Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Recently, I got the most likes on a tweet I’ve ever received and it went like this: ‘why do bloggers think that a Diptyque candle is a stocking filler? you’ll get a tube of minstrels if you’re lucky babe’. It made me happy to see so many people (4k to be exact 😉 ) agreed with me that gift guides can be so extreme and unachievable. I’m bringing you a gift guide of things that I can actually afford and will actually be giving. There’s a mix of beauty, food and lifestyle and most things are suitable for any gender.. enjoy.


Everyone loves a pampering treat at Christmas, the first brand I think of is MAGIC ORGANIC APOTHECARY. It’s been a special brand for me for ages. I  love everything from the packaging, the branding and the products themselves. Their Dreamy Bath Salts (£25)  are perfect for an indulgent gift. I treasure every scoop of the Himalayan salt, essential oil and herb mix. For a more practical gift, the Green Balm (from £6) 

You can’t beat LUSH for a gift. Whether it’s a little cheap bath bomb or a big tub of someone’s fave body lotion- they always go down a treat. This year, I’ll be gifting the Sleepy Shower Gel (£5.50, a body wash version of their cult classic body lotion which has been said to cure insomnia and help migraines. Perfect for anyone who has trouble sleeping or just enjoys the smell of lavender. Another lovely beauty gift I just had to include was this lovely little rollerball Perfume (£5) from The Chapel. It’s actually a hairdresser but they created their own scents and they’re stunning. If there isn’t a ‘The Chapel’ near you then I’m sure lots of lovely local shops sell their own perfumes, I know Brighton is full of places like that. I just think it’s nice to go for a smaller, more local brand.

Moving away from beauty, I fell in love with the brand ESTELLA BARTLETT this year and I think all of their pieces make excellent gifts. I love my Jewellery Case (£19) I always travel with it and it looks great on my dressing table. There are a few different colours. They, of course, also do wonderful jewellery pieces as well. I wear my Coin Necklace (£18) every day and I love!

Another random gift I stumbled across in Sainsbury’s were these cute Cocktail Preserves (£3)They have loads of different flavours, all based on popular cocktails. They can go on toast or be mixed into spirits or prosecco to create cocktails. I’d love to receive one of these and they’re affordable as well! The last gift I want to mention is this lovely Worry Relief Journal (from £7.50) . My best friend got me this last Christmas and it was so thoughtful. It’s a great way of getting out your thoughts, taking some time to reflect and as a use of self-care.

That concludes my gift guide. I personally believe in quality over quantity with blog posts like this. This time of year contains an awful lot of consumerism and it can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, it’s meant to be a fun time of the year to spend with family and be festive- they get what they’re given! Merry Christmas to all.








  1. Jan Pearce
    5th December 2018 / 3:35 pm

    I’ve looked at loads of Christmas gifts idea sites, most have been very boring. This is the most interesting and useful I’ve seen.
    Thanks Jan
    Happy Christmas

    • thebrightoner
      5th December 2018 / 6:01 pm

      Hello Jan,
      What a lovely comment! I’m so happy you enjoyed it.
      Thank you,

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