When In Rome, Part 2


First of all, I just wanna say that I have a creepy thing that I look at the clock all the time when it’s 9:11. Anyone else have something like that? Anyway. The first morning in ROMA. I just finished a wonderful breakfast on the terrace of my hotel. I had a pastry, a coffee and a ham and cheese roll. I also packed some in my bag for lunch because what’s a holiday without stolen hotel goods? I’m on my way into town now to explore the Colosseum. I’ve worn my favourite blue dress again because it makes me happy. Call me an outfit repeater, I dare you.


What a long day! After breakfast, I headed into town to have a look at the Colosseum. It was outstandingly beautiful. I had in my head I was going to pay the 12 euro to get entrance to that and just wonder alone but in reality, I would have been in there not having a clue. I got chatting to a tour guide (who was from haywards heath, which is hilarious). I paid 35 euro for a guided tour around the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine hill. I learnt so much and think it’s defo worth the money if you’re heading to Rome one day.

After looking around the Ancient Roman ruins I went in search of an Aperol Spritz. After a bit of googling and wondering around, I settled on a little bar right next to the Trevi Fountain. I’ve decided that’s my favourite area of Rome but I’m yet to see the Vatican or Trastevere. It was a standard price of 8 euro 50 and I enjoyed every sip. I know I could have found cheaper but it was a great lil spot and it’s what I’d pay in England. I’m currently back in my Hotel, chilling and getting ready for dinner- one of my favourite parts of the day.


After going back to the hotel I got changed and headed back out again. I was planning on visiting this restaurant in Travestre but decided against it as you can’t get the metro there and I as really comfortable with that now. Instead, I went back to the areas I knew but with no real plan of where I wanted to eat. I got off at a different stop, which for me is crazy (I’m not very spontaneous). When leaving the metro I arrived in the area of Spagna. Every single designer shop you can imagine in one big square. I walked around heading to a restaurant I’d seen on trip advisor and then found Catina E Cucina. This was the place I wanted to go the night before but the queue was way too long. I tried my luck and was seated with a glass of rose. I went for the Gnocci Vongole, which was as good as it sounds and even better than it looks. Clams, gnocchi, tomatoes and rocket. So simple yet so yummy, I can’t wait to recreate at home.

Check in next time to see a round up of my travels to Florence. Ciao!


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