When In Rome, Part 1.


Welcome to the first instalment of my Italy blog posts! I’ve decided to write this as I go, like diary entries, as opposed to catching up when I’m back. I like the idea of jotting down how I’m feeling and what I can see in that very moment and as I’m alone for the first part of the trip, I may have some spare time. I’m currently at Stansted airport, full of spoons breakfast and covered in Tom Ford Neroli Portofino from Duty-Free. I board in an hour so I’m just killing time at the local caviar house, having a coffee and charging my devices.

For someone who has previously suffered from travel anxiety, I’m feeling great. This holiday may not have turned out how planned (booked with an ex boyfriend ) but I’m excited about my first ever solo travel ventures and then seeing my Best friend Milly in Florence in a few days. Sometimes things don’t work out exactly how planned but that’s when it can get good. Get me to Rome and get a pizza in my mouth NOW.


So, I’ve been to my hotel, which is lovely and I got the metro back into the centre. The transport is so easy here! I saw the Trevi Fountain. I literally said ‘holy shit’ as I turned the corner as it’s so beautiful. I currently sitting in a small restaurant on a side street tucking into olives, prosecco and focaccia. Dreamy.


Oh what a day! I’ve been to Sephora twice (lol) , the fountain, the Pantheon and had a wonderful dinner at Osteria da Fortunata. I had the cacio e Pepe which is a Rome favourite and it didn’t disappoint. Every mouthful was pure bliss. Every corner you turn here is just stunning. It’s exactly how I imagined it only more beautiful. I’m on my way back to the hotel now as I’ve been awake since 3am and I’m flagging. Looking forward to a cosy nights sleep and a Italian breakfast in the morning.

Tune in tomorrow for my first pizza, gelato and trip to the Colosseum!



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  1. 31st August 2018 / 11:25 am

    I’m sorry to hear about your break-up but a big YES, GIRL for going to Rome, anyway!! So proud of you for taking that step, especially seeing that you’re prone to travel anxiety. Italy is awesome, I’ve never been to Rome, so I’m very jealous. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip on here & the ‘gram!

    Lisa x

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