The Power of New

I’ve never been one for change. In fact, when I was younger I cried when my Nan straightened her fringe as I didn’t like it is different. Weird, I know. I’m normally a creature of habit, living in the same house for 22 years, listening to the same music and so on. In the last few years I’ve gone through some more life-changing experiences that have opened me up to change and right now I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been. Of course, it’s due to lots of things but I thought I’d share a few small new things I’m enjoying.


now, nothing will ever stop be binge listening to Ariana or the Mean Girls soundtrack but I’ve been listening to stuff with a different vibe recently. One of my favourite songs ever is ‘Quit’ by Ariana Grande and I love having it in the background for more evening vibes. I’ve made a whole playlist around it with things perfect for more chilled vibes. One song I found which I love is called ‘Blinded’ by Emmit Fenn. Absolutely nothing like I’d ever listen to but I love the atmospheric vibe to it. Can I say vibe another time? I’m no music journalist so you’ll have to listen to know what I mean. Also, check out Self Control by Frank Ocean.


Since I’ve turned 18, I’ve only ever really gone out in Hove (besides revs, of course). Hove is great and full of lovely local bars and pubs. Recently, however, I’ve had way more nights out in the centre of Brighton and I LOVE IT. The vibe is very different. People don’t care as much about what they look like, who they’re with and where they are. I’ve been liking the White Rabit in the lanes, it’s really affordable and quite chilled. Also, I’d usually avoid places like mash tun etc coz of how busy they get but when you’ve had a few drinks they’re actually great. This granny who sleeps at 9pm has also been visiting Revenge a lil as well. Any club that plays Ariana is okay with me. If you live in a city as amazing as mine, get yourself out there and try some new places.


This Summer, I feel like I’ve finally got my wardrobe down. I managed to stock up on nice dresses before the heat wave hit so I was ready. I’ve never actually worn a maxi dress before but this year I thought I’d try something new. They’re such a great way of staying cool and also protecting your modesty in this annoying Brighton wind. The one I’m wearing here is from BooHoo. They have such a great range of affordable maxi dresses, I highly recommend checking them out. I love how this one ties at the waist and has a really flattering neck line. I’m not normally one for a floral print but I felt so girly in this and wanted to float around all day. Check out the selection here and my dress here.


thank you for reading! It’s nice to try new things, find out more about yourself and just have fun. this has probably been one of the best summers of my life and I’m feeling so grateful. thanks for boohoo for working with me on this blog post!


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