Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make you happy. I might make this a regular type of blog post, bringing you all the little things giving me a smile! This blog post contains a paid partnership with Tequila Rose.


Am I the most basic bitch? YES, I AM. That aside, I’m really loving keeping fresh Peonies in my room. I love how they bloom slowly and you buy them already closed. I get mine from Aldi, £3,50 for 5. 5!!! They’re so pretty and it’s actually embarrassing how happy I get when I walk into my room. Just look at these beauties… 



I recently discovered Tequila Rose. I first had some at the SU at uni on a night out. A shot that tastes nice?! I’m in. To be honest, it’s not usually something I go for. I love tequila but I usually stay away from sweet drinks and liquors. This, however, hits the spot perfectly- especially after dinner when you need a sweet treat. You can serve over ice or alone in a shot glass but I’ve found my new favourite way to serve tequila rose. Take a look…


Tequila Rose, Oat Milk (I just prefer this to regular milk but use whatever you like!), Whipped Cream and A Strawberry.

In a separate cup, I mixed around 70ml of Tequila rose (just over a double shot) and around 100ml of Oat MIlk. Simply mix together and pour over ice. I then topped it with whipped cream and a strawberry. HOW EASY?!?!

It’s literally the easiest ‘Cocktail’ recipe I’ve ever made. If you can even call it a cocktail. Enjoy this drink on a Friday evening after work or a Sunday afternoon after a yummy roast. I love how it tastes, think an adult strawberry milkshake with a bit more OMPPHHH. So yummy!


I’ve finally got my blogging mojo back. After having loads of exams at uni and finally coming home I’m happy to have enough time to blog again. I’ve been enjoying just going on a day out, taking some pics and sharing my day. So much more relaxed. It’s also what I enjoy reading. I’m sure you all know by now that my biggest blogging inspiration is Rose from Her content is so beautiful and you get a real insight into her day.  Keep your eyes peeled for lots more adventures.

Thank you for reading and thanks to Tequila Rose for sponsoring this post!



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