Whats In My Bag? ft. Radley

I’ve never owned anything designer or of much expense before (aside from the odd lipstick). I’m always more of the ‘get it in Primark for a tenner’ kind of person and ‘if it breaks it doesn’t matter as I can get a new one.’  Recently, I’ve been using my new handbag from Radley and I can see why people invest in quality. I bought a bag from a certain online store once and it literally broke on the first use. The quality in my new bag is beautiful and I’m so excited to show you all! Let’s take a look.


*this post is in collaboration with Radley. all opinions are my own*


I 100% have a thing for bags. It’s my weakness and I can always find room for one more. You may not think this by having a look at my Instagram as when I find a solid, everyday style I wear it to death. I have 1 amazing crossbody bag, 1 great bucket bag and more colourful ones as well. What my collection was lacking was a backpack. I love the idea of having hands free and not worrying.

This backpack is called the ‘Coppers Row Leather Flapover Backpack’ from Radley and costs £225 (currently on sale for £168.75) . It has really smooth leather, adjustable straps, gold details and so many pockets and places to keep things. One of my favourite things about the bag, and Radley in general is the attention to detail. The magnetic closure and the fabric interiors make this bag extra special. Also, how adorable is the ‘Smile’ written on the inside? Shop Radleys stunning bags here: http://www.radley.co.uk/handbags.



The contents of my bag pretty much stay the same every time I take it out. Some days require more snacks than others. Here’s what you can ALWAYS find in my bag.

  1. CARDHOLDER This one is actually just from Primark but I really like it! I recently switched from a regular large purse to a small card holder, so I can fit it into my smaller bags as well. I’d love to invest in a more luxurious cardholder but I’m really happy with this one for now.
  2. COIN PURSE I’ve found that I rarely use cash but I do like to carry around this little coin purse (from Matalan) to keep change for the odd parking ticket, trolley or pack of gum. It might be wiser to condense both my purses into one. This one from Radley may be next on my list.
  3. SUNGLASSES Even when it’s snowing, I need my sunglasses. My favourite ever ones are in this ‘Celine’ style. These are from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton and I really suggest looking in there for cool styles. 
  4. GLASSES Not many people may know this but I do wear glasses. Honestly, I forget to wear them most of the time as they’re not that strong but I keep them in my bag for when I drive or need to look at a computer. They were just £20 from Tescos. Not that chic. 
  5. LAVENDAR I get anxious every now and then, especially travelling, so I like to keep a lavendar inhaler in my bag. It has become especially useful for pre-audiiton nerves and overly crammed trains. 


In terms of beauty bits, I TRY to keep it minimal. If I let myself go, I’d be carrying 5 lip balms, 3 hand creams and a lipstick for every occasion.

  1. PERFUME I always carry around a mini perfume as I like to spritz before I enter a room. Jo Malone does great minis or check your favourite high street stores for roll-ons. If you’re heading to a Sephora any time soon, you’ll be in mini perfume heaven.  
  2. LIP PRODUCT I try to keep just the one product that I’m wearing that day and also a lip balm. My current favourite lip product is the Body Shop liquid lipstick in ‘Vienna Tulip’ and it’s my best nude ever. 
  3. HAND CREAM I’m so annoying. I always have a hand cream in my bag, next to my bed, in my car but do I use them? Hell no. Maybe this is a chan I just cannot break.
  4. HAND SANITIZER I own a plethora of hand sanitizers from my previous trips to the US, all of them being Bath and Body Works. I love them. Not only do they clean but they smell great and every time someone uses some they love it! 

I’m so so over the moon with my bag and I’m so thankful for Radley to work with me on this post. I feel proud that I can work with amazing brands like this, I really appreciate it. Thanks so much to Emily for helping me with the pictures. You’re so fab. Also, thank you to Alex at Gails in Hove for letting us take photos and being so lovely, as always! Thanks for reading!


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