The Set, Brighton.

I’m back at it again with another brunch review. My most recent venture was to The Set restaurant in Regency Square, Brighton. This is the restaurant attached to the Artist Residence hotel and The Cocktail Shack bar- both of which are great. I’ve been to the bar before and really enjoyed the cool interiors and yummy cocktails. I was very kindly invited along to test run the new brunch menu and I thought I’d share with you what I thought!

I N T E R I O R 

OKKKAAYYY, this place wins. There are plenty of gorgeous places in Brighton and Hove with lovely interiors that are talked about a lot (I’m talking to you, Redroaster) but why is this place not on peoples Instagrams more?! Every corner you turn, you see the most beautiful, thought our interiors. Even the salt and pepper shakers are cool ffs. I saw a lot of reclaimed wood, exposed brick, metals, repurposed items and great wall art. I need to go and redecorate my flat PRONTO. After checking out the Instagram, the rooms look gorgeous and I’d love to stay one day.


For a drink, I went for coffee. I would have loved to try a rum ice tea but I was driving, maybe next time. I went for my usual oat milk cappuccino and it didn’t dissapoint. Not much to say about a coffee but it was lovely and presented really well. My mum went for the bloody mary. She didn’t particularly enjoy it but if I’m honest I think she didn’t really know what to expect- they’re a very acquired taste after all. I tried it and it was nice, really balanced and full flavoured. One thing I would say is that the presentation was disappointing. No ice in a straight glass? I know they do great elaborate cocktails in the evening so I would have expected it to translate to brunch. A mason jar with ice, a slice of lemon and a paper straw would go VERY far.

F O O D 

Let’s start with the menu. It was refreshing to see some new and exciting combinations on this menu which makes the place stand out from the crowd. I struggled to choose as everything sounded so nice but I went for the ‘Crab and Eggs’ meal which consisted of Scrambled Cacklebean egg,local white crab, creme freiche and chives. For £8, I think that’s great. The eggs were very good quality, which provided a perfect orange colour. They were creamy and very nicely seasoned. The crab as well tasted very fresh and it was tasty, maybe a little bit more would be good (or maybe I’m greedy). It was served on a toasted muffin which was really good but I personally prefer a slice of sourdough, I should have asked!


My mum had the full English which included Pork sausage, crispy bacon, homemade black pudding, Cacklebean fried egg, mushroom and sourdough toast. One thing to note is that the sourdough and pastries come from Flint Owl Bakery in Lewes which I LOVE! My mum said the food was really good, I tried the black pudding and the texture was the best I’ve tried. I think it would have benefited from beans. Although I previously mentioned I like how the menu is unique and something different, I think a good old avocado toast dish would go down well, I’m sure they would come up with some amazing combination to serve it with.

O V E R A L L 

The service, food and atmosphere at this place was great and every angle makes the perfect Instagram. It would make a great hungover brunch after one too many cocktails or a working breakfast with a laptop. I can’t wait to return, even if just for a coffee as the vibe was so great. Help yourself to newspapers as you sip an oat milk latte and overhear people tell the stories from the night before. Thanks so much to Tonic PR for inviting me down and thanks to The Set for having me! I really enjoyed it.



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