Starfish And Coffee, Brighton.

‘Starfish and coffee, Maple syrup and jam. Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham.’

On pancake day, Emily and I went down to Starfish and Coffee, a local coffee shop in the Hanover area with personality, ambience and food to rave about. I’d never been before but had lived it vicariously through Lareese Craig’s post and their fabulous Instagram account. It’s not central Brighton but it’s worth the journey to try somewhere new- it’s right next to Queens park if you want to work off your brunch. We met Tony, the owner, and his passion for the place really shows. It’s so lovely seeing business owner loving the place they work and have new, fresh ideas.

I N T E R I O R 

The interior design of this place reflects exactly what they stand for. Good coffee, good company and good food. Nothing about here is pretentious, it’s cosy and welcoming. The colour adds some vibrancy and the wall art is really cool- reminding us of what the name is all about. We felt so cosy on this horrid winter day and stayed much longer than I normally would. They’re dog-friendly, which I really appreciate and their client base seems lovely; a mixture of studying students, families and couples. It’s great for pictures as it’s flooded with light and the interior decisions are modern and attractive yet, it hasn’t succumbed to any of the overdone basic Instagram trends. This is something that Tony felt was important- beautiful interiors without that being the only reason people would come. It’s just a great bonus to go along with the yummy food.

D R I N K S 

For the first time in a long time, choosing a drink was a struggle. I wanted a coffee (coz coffee is life) but PEANUT BUTTER HOT CHOCOLATE?! Just what I needed on a windy, rainy day. I went for an oat milk cappuccino in the end. It was delicious as ever, with the 33 coffee beans and creamy milk. Emily had a latte and we both really enjoyed them. After our meals, we fancied trying the hot chocolates. They offer a coconut hot chocolate which is vegan and it was so so yummy! I never want a regular hot chocolate again. I’d say, it’s worth the journey just for that.


Like I said, the day I visited was pancake day so it would have been very rude not to sample one sweet and one savoury, am I right? They offered a small size and a large size which was perfect so I could comfortably have one of each. For savoury, I went for the mushroom, blue cheese and spinach although I have to say I think the blue cheese may have been forgotten. That aside, the pancakes were SO YUMMY. The mushrooms were cooked just to my liking and the spinach wasn’t soggy at all like it can be. Any other times I’ve ordered pancakes I’ve felt sick after and it’s always been a little bit too much. These, however, as they were the perfect texture between fluffy and crispy, were great.

For the sweet option, I went for the strawberries and vegan chocolate. It was rich and indulgent without being too much. I’m not sure how they cooked these pancakes but they were unlike any I’d ever had. They weren’t processed and sickly like the American ones you get sometimes and they weren’t flat and boring like at other places. They tasted homemade and organic, in the best way. They offer vegan and gluten-free options too if that’s for you. The rest of their brunch menu also looks fabulous. I have my eyes on the avo toast as I’m a basic bitch who can’t be tamed. I will 100% be returning for that soon, dog in hand.

O V E R A L L 

I had a great morning here. I could have stayed a lot longer, drinking delicious drinks and gossiping. I can’t wait to return in the Summer and to try that avo toast! One thing to note is that the prices are excellent. I don’t want to pay £12 for 2 eggs on toast. Starfish & Coffee caters to my budget and gives great portion size. If you’re looking for somewhere for a Sunday brunch, Mid-afternoon coffee or post-walk snack- here’s your place. Thanks so much to Tony for looking after us and I cannot wait to return. You can see their menu here. Photos were taken by myself and the wonderful Emily.




    • thebrightoner
      18th February 2018 / 9:07 am

      Ah yes the menu is amazing! I could have eaten everything hehe. Thank you xxx

  1. 18th February 2018 / 9:11 am

    Omg this place sounds so good!! The chocolate pancakes look delicious xx

    • thebrightoner
      18th February 2018 / 9:14 am

      They were sooo good and I felt slightly less guilty as they were vegan haha!xxx

  2. 18th February 2018 / 7:18 pm

    This looks fab! Andy is obsessed with peanut butter so I think I’ll have to take him to try one of the hot chocolates! Yum yum – those pancakes look dreamy!

    • thebrightoner
      18th February 2018 / 7:19 pm

      Oh the hot chocolate was out of this world xxx

  3. WhatLydDid
    19th February 2018 / 4:47 pm

    Oh wow, your brunch looks amazing and your pictures really do it justice! I love that they have vegan options, and the wall art is just too cute. I kind of want a violin-playing jam jar on my wall now!


    • thebrightoner
      23rd February 2018 / 12:04 pm

      Ah I’m so happy you like the photos. Yeah the wall art is so cool- very unique xxx

  4. Elizabeth Seal
    23rd February 2018 / 11:58 am

    Ahhh those pancakes look incredible, I need to try! I’ve never been to Brighton before, I will definitely stop off here if I do 😀 you capture everything so beautifully! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

    • thebrightoner
      23rd February 2018 / 12:02 pm

      They were delish can’t wait to return! Oh yes add to your list. Thanks so much xxx

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