A Bath Food Diary

For me, when planning a trip it all has to revolve around food. I plan every meal, coffee and drink. Some may enjoy something a bit more spontaneous but I love being on the sofa in the evening looking at Trip Advisor reviews and menus online. In Bath, there seemed to be plenty of options for food and drinks and we got to sample a few lovely places in the 2 days we were there. Let’s start at where we first arrived. We arrived at our Hotel around 10 am on Sunday, perfect time to wander off to a brunch spot.

B R U N C H 

We tried to get a table at the clearly popular Wild Cafe, which looked like it had great options for healthy brunches and also yummy pancakes! As we couldn’t go there we went to Hunter & Sons instead, a place I had on my list for an afternoon drink. The menu wasn’t massive but all the elements were high quality and delicious. I had the ever-so-basic avocado, bacon and poached eggs on sourdough. IT WAS DELISH. The bacon was perfectly streaky and the yolk was the best texture. Jake had the full English and it looked glorious. For drinks, we went for coffee (I had an oat milk cappuccino) and we both mentioned how lovely they were. The interior was so nice, a bloggers dream. You could look around and see people getting their flat lays. 

D I N N E R 

After loads of research and trying to get a good table on a Sunday (quite hard) we went to CAU for dinner. It’s a chain with 25 branches across the UK but I’d never heard of them before. It’s a steakhouse with lots of Argentinian flare. As it was a Sunday, I wanted to go somewhere that had the option for a roast- which CAU did. For starters, I went for the fish tacos and Jake had the shrimp. The tacos were amazing, I’d have them alone for lunch as the size was great.

For main, I had the roasted rump beef. I usually go for pork or the veggie option on a roast but omg this beef was cooked to perfection. It was perfectly pink in the middle with a great charcoaled flavour on the edges. It was paired with fluffy roast potatoes, a great Yorkie, ONION RINGS (genius, goes so well with the gravy) and chimichurri seasoned carrots. I ordered peas on the side which were flavoured with garlic, so yummy. I really enjoyed my meal, one of the best roasts I’ve ever had- and I’ve had loads.For pudding, Jake and I shared the pancakes which were so gooey and delicious. The staff were so so nice and attentive; giving us all the information about the food we needed and being super friendly. If you’re in Bath and want a cracking meal with great service- try here. Thank you to Adrian and the team for a wonderful evening and for our meals.


Unfortunately, as it was a Sunday, a lot of places were shut or not open late. Jake and I really wanted to go to the Canary Gin Bar and also Opium but they’re not open Sundays. After a bit of shopping, we went to Revs (Vodka Revolution). Yes, I know it’s a massive chain. Yes, I know they’re all the same. Yes, I know there is one in Brighton BUT it’s become a silly tradition for us to go to a Revs when we visit a new city. I, of course, had a few pornstar martinis and they were perfect as ever. Before dinner, we went to Hall and Woodhouse which was a really large bar. It had really quirky interiors and lots of drink options. I went for boring old prosecco as it’s my fave. After dinner, we went to Sub 13. I’d seen it online a lot and it was a firm idea on my list. It was really cute, very similar to the cocktail shack at Artists Residence Brighton. Jake and I had caipirinhas and they were delicious.


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