The Best Perfumes For Spring

Perfume is one of my most treasured and favourite beauty items.  I really enjoy shopping for a new perfume, gifting perfumes and organising my collection. I don’t own many, but I cherish every single one. I’ve spoken about a few of my favourites before but to be honest, it’s really hard to write about.  If it was up to me I’d describe each one as ‘ so nice’ but that’s not exactly thrilling blog content.

One thing you may notice about this post is that I tend to steer clear of department store brands. I find them boring and I prefer more unique niche brands. Here are the ones that I think are the best for Spring and Summer time…




GOOD FOR? A summer evening when you’re going to a pub or a nice restaurant. I wear this when I need some confidence as it’s one of my all time favourite scents, which brings back amazing memories. The only reason I suggest this as an evening fragrance is because it’s so special, but it’s fresh enough to be worn any time of day.

NOTES? With Jo Malone fragrances, the clue is in the name. This scent is actually inspired by the Brighton seaside, which is really cool. As stated, it contains fresh sea salt and sage.

WHY I LIKE IT I like how unique this is. I urge everyone to go out and sniff it, even with no intention of buying. It’s literally mouthwatering to me and I think I’ll never grow out of it. It’s fresh, yet warm. It’s rich, yet sweet. It’s literally everything in one and I can’t get enough. 




GOOD FOR? I tend to rinse this on the daily basis. It’s so easy to spritz all over, you can’t over do it. I think it’s more of a body spray which actually lingers, there are no hints of alcohol either. I love this in the day time. 

NOTES? Just like the Jo Malone, the name is on the tin (glass lol). I love fig scents and although they may not be right for everyone, I enjoy the herb smells. It also contains hints of rose, oak and amber which all compliment each other perfectly. 

WHY I LIKE IT Ever since I smelt Diptyque Philosykos I’ve been addicted to the smell of fig.  This one isn’t as beautiful and complex, but it’s nice. For now- I’m enjoying this and it’s filling my fig scented needs.




GOOD FOR? I think much like the Jo Malone perfume, it’s suitable for a summer evening and also great to spritz on in the day time for the beach. I tend to go for this in the day, when I want something to last. 

NOTES? It was only upon researching for this blog post that I found out that Jenipapo is actually a flower. I thought it was just a fancy name for this beautiful floral perfume. So, yeah- It’s got Jenipapo in it. 

WHY I LIKE IT? I feel most people my age wouldn’t go to L’Occitane for perfume as it’s not the most cool brand out there ( not in my opinion, I love everything I’ve tried from them) but every fragrance I’ve tried has been lovely. This is a safe, nice smelling scent which isn’t too generic. It’s different from what everyone else is wearing but it’s not too crazy. TRY IT. 




GOOD FOR? Yeah okay it’s not actually a perfume. This is a beautiful, luxurious massage oil for your body that releases the most stunning and delicate scent onto your body. I LOVE this after the bath if I’m going out, or staying in and I wanna smell good. It’s romantic and sexy and such a treat. I roll this onto my chest and neck, like you would a normal perfume.

NOTES? Its a rose scent, but not like you’re used too. It’s rose laced with spice and citrus. It’s a lovely warm, sexy smell and as it’s an oil it really lasts on the skin. 

WHY I LIKE IT? Although it isn’t a perfume, it lasts just as long as one but it’s more subtle. I love rolling this on before bed time, just for me. It really nourishes the skin due to the rose hip oil and just LOOK at that packaging. 


As I said earlier, it’s really hard to write about fragrance. I hope I got across to you how amazing all of these scents are and they’re all so unique.


I would love to hear your favourite spring/summer scents! Leave me a comment…

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  1. 22nd April 2017 / 9:40 am

    Great post, never see many about perfumes and I’m always curious about new ones! I really want a Jo Malone perfume xxx

    • thebrightoner
      22nd April 2017 / 9:57 am

      ah I love perfume so much! let’s go to the store together hehe xxx

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