A Day In Chester

The other weekend my boyfriend and I hopped on a train to his hometown of Chester. We’ve been up together a few times before and I love it there. It’s located in the North West, near Liverpool. If you haven’t been and you ever get a chance-go! It’s so beautiful and there’s a lot to do there as a visitor. I actually didn’t manage to get many snaps but I took a few of the beautiful architecture so here’s what I got…

The Journey Jake and I have a few traditions that we partake in every time. I enjoyed a bagel man ( unique to Brighton- best place ever) with a nice coffee.

on the train .png


What we did As tradition, we went straight to Revs. Yes, I know there is one in Brighton and I could go when ever I want but it’s actually amazing there and we both love it. I went for a pornstar martini (or 6) like always. I had a peachy vodka concontion too which was nice. We also got some food which was neededd after our 3.5 hour journey. The calamari at revs is amazing you should all try it. After revs we went for a little walk around then went to dinner.



calamrani .png



The next day we went to Hickorys for breakfast which was so so nice. I had waffles with pulled pork, poached eggs and holindase and it was so yummy. After that we went for a lovely walk around the local park and saw the beautiful cathediral. Fun fact, the clock in this post is the second most photographed clock in the UK. Enjoy the photos!

breakfast 1.png

breakfast 2.png

breakfast 3.png

bridge .png


clock .png

street .png

cath .png

cath 2 .png

Thanks for looking at what I did at the weekend!x


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