Au Naturel : The Natural Beauty Alternatives

In the last year or so I feel I’ve been slightly embracing a more natural, holistic vibe. I’m not exactly doing yoga every day and cleansing everyone’s chakras but I have made a few changes. There are two main things that I use in my every day life that I have found natural alternatives to them. Read on to find out what…

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Toothpaste, how ever some people may find boring to talk about, is something we use every day so I feel it important to use a good one. Fluoride is a popular ingredient in most commercial toothpastes but it has been proven to be quite dangerous to the body. In my opinion, having something go into your mouth up to 3 times a day should have ingredients you can read- not loads of chemicals. Of course, I don’t have an issue with normal toothpastes- I LOVE the Sensodyne range. But, It’s nice to try something new! I was recently sent the Georganics Natural Toothpaste* (£6.90) and Oil Pulling Mouthwash* (£6.90). They are both based on coconut oil, which is a great antibacterial ingredient.

DOES IT WORK? Yeah, it totally works but it’s more high maintenance that a normal toothpaste and mouthwash. I use this more of a weekly treat!




Let me start by saying I HATE when people say ‘this gives you cancer’. Sorry but it’s stupid and doing or using one thing won’t give you cancer. HOWEVER, there has been research into the chemicals in deodorant (aluminium in particular) that if used your whole life they may increase your risk of developing cancer by a few percent. This, for me, is enough to make the simple switch. Your armpits have thousands of pores that soak in all the chemicals. These chemicals go straight into your bloodstream so it’s a lot kinder on your body to swap to something more natural. There are loads on the market but the one I’m using is the AA Skincare Lemongrass and Lavender Deodorant* (£4.94). I love this brand so much. This one smells so nice.

DOES IT WORK? Yes of course! If I have 6 hours of dance in 1 day I do go for the Sanex  or Mitchum one. But the other 6 days of the week I use this and I’ve never had any issues with body odour!! ( don’t forget, BO is stale sweat, so if you wash every day you won’t smell)


Have you made the switch to a more natural alternative? Let me know!




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