Interiors: Inside My Tiny Room

So this is the first interiors post I’ve done which is crazy seeing as I love interior design and re-designing my space. I’ve recently moved bedrooms at home ( I swapped with my Brother as he’s getting older and needs more space, I’m never there anyway) so I’m now in the tiny box room.

I had to be wise with what I kept in my room as storage space is minimal. I ripped out the carpet and painted the floor boards which left me with a completely¬†blank canvas. Here are some of my favourite spots of my room…

PIC 1.png

PIC 2.png

On top of my IKEA cube shelves I’ve kept some candles on a tray. Sometimes I have my perfumes on here but i like to keep it really simple. Here I have marshmallow candle from B&m, an LED pillar candle and a Bath and Body Works candle. I love this area, it’s really clean and calm.

PIC 3.png

Above this area I have an inspirational quote (lol). It’s from coconut which I’m obsessed with! If you want a discount use code BRIGHTONER20 for 20% off. You’re welcome.

PIC 4.png

In my cube shelf I like to display things I think are pretty but also use for practical storage. I don’t have room for a wardrobe so I store my favourite shoes here. The velvet sock boots are from River Island and the leather ones are from New Look.

I display my perfumes in my cube shelf. I’m a perfume obsessive and I love the look of the pretty bottles. As you can see, I love Jo Malone ALOT. Next to my perfume is my small, yet growing, record collection. My boyfriend has record player so I’m collecting ones I like for when we live together in September.


PIC 6.png

pic 7 .png


¬†On top of my IKEA dressing table I store a few beauty products that I’m loving. This changes all the time and if I get sent something for review, it ends up here. At the mo, I’ve got 3 skincare products that are very pleasing to the eye.

I also keep my everyday makeup brushes (there’s a lot more but these are the faves) along with some Jo Malone matches and a diffuser from NEXT.

PIC 5.png

brushes .png

On my dressing table I keep a few Items that I like. Here, next to my lamp, I’ve put a Neals Yard Body Lotion and a Lush Powder. I also have a small Beatles frames quote.

lamp .png


Onto my makeup. I recently had a massive clear out so everything you see here I use regularly. I store them in empty Jo Malone boxes as it’s so easy to keep tidy and it’s a cheap storage hack.

makeup 1.png

makeup 2.png

makeup 3.png

makeup 4.png

At the foot of my bed I have a little stool where I keep my salt lamp and a little buddha. I love this area, it’s really calming and the two things go really well together.


my bed.png

in terms of clothes storage, I have virtually zero. I have lots of wardrobe space in my old room ( now my brothers) so I store the majority in there. I keep my most worn and seasonal items on this clothes rail. I store lounge wear under my bed.

clothes .png

clothes 2.png

clothes 3.png

Lastly, above my bed I keep my very small book collection with a few pretty bits.


above bed.png

So thats all for today. I’m moving out In September so expect ALOT of interior posts. My pint rest boards are going through the roof right now. I CANNOT STOP PINNING. Anyway, thanks for reading!



  1. 27th February 2017 / 9:20 pm

    I’m totally in love with what you’ve done with your small space. So creative of you.

    • thebrightoner
      27th February 2017 / 9:21 pm

      thanks, that’s such a lovely thing to say x

  2. 27th February 2017 / 9:22 pm

    Aw your room is so nice! I love the quote on the wall as im currently obsessed with Gossip Girl haha xx

    • thebrightoner
      27th February 2017 / 9:23 pm

      haha it’s a good mantra! you should check out the site, there’s loads of cool quotes xx

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