Baie Botanique Rose Renew

I think treating yourself to a new skincare regime is such a luxury and it’s lovely to try new brands. Recently a new brand, Baie Botanique, has come into my life and I’m loving it so far. I’m actually lucky enough to work for them, as a PR and social media manager. Of course, I wouldn’t work for a brand if I didn’t like the products! So, here are my thoughts on the rose renew collection…

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The Regenerating Face Wash* 

Sometimes, the word face wash can scare me off. It makes me think of soapy, chemical filled bubbles that strip your skin and make it feel dry. HOWEVER, this one is not like that at all. It’s more of a gel cleanser that gently washes your face and leaves it clean and smooth. It’s great for the morning when you want to start the day with a clean base. 


The Serum*

In the last year or so I’ve really been getting into serum. If you’re my age or younger it may not be 100% necessary to include a serum into your routine but I’m looking at it in terms of prevention. I love serums as my skin is dehydrated and it gives that extra pump of nourishment. This one contains hyaluronic acid which my skin loves! A great, lightweight serum perfect for normal skins.


The Face Cream* 

This may be my favourite product of the range. I’ve found a cream that’s perfect under makeup. Normally I baste my skin in as many oils as possible but sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple with a lovely cream. It will be perfect at night for those with oily skins! It contains rosehip oil which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients ever. PLUS, it smells like Turkish delight-result.


This is a great, solid range for a luxurious and effective skincare routine. The ingredients are amazing on my skin! I think you deserve a treat, don’t you? Follow Baie Botanique on Instagram here.

(*= PR Sample,from myself lol) 


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