Supporting Smaller Businesses at Christmas

This post idea came to me whilst I was looking through my beauty stash and getting excited about how I use so many unknown brands. It’s almost like a little secret I keep to myself. Personally, I get much more enjoyment after finding an absolutely amazing product in a small independent store rather than going to boots and buying 1 of 200000million products sold by an Estee Lauder company (no shade, just a good example). Especially around Christmas, I think it’s important to support small and local businesses who work really hard in creating amazing products without billions of pounds of research money.

So, here is a list of some amazing brands and products I’ve found that are equally as good (sometimes even better) than the department store brands. I think these make great presents too! I’ve also thrown in some non-beauty products too!

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MAGIC ORGANIC APOCATHERY   If you’ve read my blog from the start (a year in February!!) you’ll know my love for this brand. Their cleanser * (from £4.99) is my favourite all-purpose balm and I’ve tried a lot. Their facial oil *(£20) is also so lovely. These two paired together make an amazing skincare routine and a great present! In Brighton, you can find the brand in Infinity foods and WICK on Portland Road.

AA SKINCARE I came across this brand on and it caught my eye as I love aromatherapy and incorporating it into skincare interested me. Their deodorant * (£4.94)is great and all natural. This is something I’ve only just started getting into. The pores on the armpit intake a lot of chemicals and have been linked to cancer etc, so switching to a natural deodorant is something to look into. This is also a great present idea, to introduce it to someone who doesn’t know the dangers.

ROSSI UVEMA This brand is lovely and great for someone just starting out in skincare. The Rose and Pink Clay Mask * (£14.95) is really nice for smoothing the skin and before parties, which is great for this time of the year. I’ve got my eye on their Chamomile and Lavender Toning Mist (£14.25).

BRAMLEY  Sold in boutique hotels across the UK it’s a lovely way of adding some luxury to your home. The Bath Salts * (£12) are amazing and fill my bath with the most gorgeous scent. These would make a lovely gift for someone. I have my eye on one of their lovely Candle, (£22)which I may add to my Christmas list right now….

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KEEP THIS CRACKER I love this idea! The company kindly sent me a few to try and it got me so excited for Christmas. It’s so simple yet I’ve never seen it done before. These are DIY crackers that you can fill with small presents (they also sell filled presents with candles/chocolates etc). You can reuse them again and again and make a lovely little present or a place setting.You can buy here from £2.75 and they come in a range of patterns.

DULCI BELLA  This one is really cool, they’re really pretty handmade delicate marshmallows. Perfect for a Christmas gift for someone you know likes sweet treats. You could include a few of these with a nice mug and hot chocolate for a little DIY kit!

WICK Now this isn’t a product or a brand, but a store. It’s a candle boutique on Portland Road. It’s my go-to place for a gift or to try a new brand. They stock my favourite skincare (MOA) and loads of stunning brands. They also have a lot of fig scented candles, which are my favourite. If you’re looking for a lovely environment with very kind staff to shop in- here’s the place.


*= PR Sample, I’m under no obligation to mention these products and all opinoins are mine xxx




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