Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

Welcome back to another Christmas gift guide. Today we’re talking about gifts for the beauty lovers of the world. Boys and Girls everywhere will LOVE these beautiful products. Enjoy 🙂


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#1 Loccitanne Shower Oil (£18) This is a lovely gift as it’s something you wouldn’t normally buy yourself. It’s a gorgeous almond scented shower oil to leave the skin soft and supple. Smells so beautiful and gives your shower experience a luxurious feel.

#2 The Beauty Blender (£14) I believe everyone needs one of these. Whether you’re big into makeup or not, this applies anything like a dream. I wrote a full post here if you need more convincing but I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of these bad boys by now.

#3 Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick (£16) These are great and perfect for a liquid lipstick lover as we can now get Kat Von D in the UK! This is one of the best formulations I’ve used and I love how long it lasts. There’s a colour for everyone but I like the classic Lolita.

#4 Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick (£23) Opening up one of these on Christmas morning is guaranteed to get a good reaction from any beauty junkie. The packaging is stunning and the actual product is lovely. I like the matte revolution formula the best.

#5 Elegant Touch Press On Nails (£8.95) I love these, they are so handy for nights out. They stick on with glue and don’t ruin your nails over time. They do so many amazing designs and I think they’d be a cool gift.

#6 Zoella Spa In a Jar  (£10) This is a must have for any Zoella or YouTube fan. Her products are lovely and they all smell so good! This jar contains the shower gel and body lotion and you can also use the jar for other things too.

#7 Pixi Milky Serum (£26) I think skincare is a great gift, whether the recipient it into it or not. Who doesn’t want better skin? A nice hydrating serum is great for people of all ages and skin types. The packaging is also stunning, I love it.

#8 Becca Glow To Go Opal (£20) I have this and it’s lasted me so so long. You get a cream highlighter and a powder, both small sizes. You can layer these for an intense highlight and they honestly look stunning together. Great for someone who’s obsessed with that GLOW.

#9 Jo Malone Basil and Neroli (£86) I know perfume is a personal thing but Jo Malone perfumes are so special and unique and make a beautiful gift. You can actually get the bottles engraved for free,which is lovely. Also, a voucher to Jo Malone would never hurt.


I really hope this has given you some ideas! What’s on your Christmas list?

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