4 Ways To Save Money At Uni

Well, this has been a lot harder than I thought. Before uni, I thought everything would be so easy because we get student loans right?! WRONG. If like me, you’ve gone from earning money weekly to not- it’s hard.

Over the last few months, I’ve learned a few ways to making it a little easier on yourself. If you focus and don’t go buying a new pair of shoes every week you can survive.




Budget This is an obvious one! Calculate how much money you have left over from rent (if any) and add any income you’ll be getting. I prefer to budget weekly as it’s much easier to control. Take into account food, petrol, travel, supplies (sheet music) and if you can- maybe a night out. At the beginning of every week, list what income you’ll be getting and what you need to spend. The most important thing here is to be reasonable. If you need to cook 3 meals a day, £20 a week really isn’t going to cut it. I like doing this on a word document, it’s so easy to keep track of and you can update nightly if you wish.

Make Simple Changes Cutting back on expenses can change so much. How about walking to work/uni instead of a bus? Find free parking instead of spending £5 a day on campus. Swap your £3.20 Starbucks latte for one you’ve made yourself in a flask? Or make your own sandwich or salad, so easy. I’ll be doing a post soon on budget skincare, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Make Life Easier There are many discount schemes available for uni. I use UNIdays online for websites like Missguided and Asos. I also use this in store in Superdrug and Morrisons. Most student accounts offer a free railcard with start-up, which is so handy! I also have a taste card, which is £30 a year and gets you 50% off most chain restaurants!

Sell Do you really need that massive pile of clothes you never touch? What about those converse that you’ve worn a handful of time and still look great. Sell them on Depop! I’ve made loads on Depop. It’s an app, kind of a cross between eBay and Instagram. It’s so easy to use and can help you afford your next night out. 

I’d really love to hear your ideas and little ways you save money. Obviously, there are a lot more ways- getting a job for example. Hope this helped!


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