5 Cute Last Minute Halloween Costumes

So Halloween is Monday and it’s most likely you’ll get invited to something last minute and FREAK out as you won’t have anything to wear? I’ve got you covered. These may not be the most adventurous outfits in the world but it’s better than rocking up with nothing, or sitting home alone.

Without further or do I’ve rustled up 5 easy Halloween outfits with items you’ll probably find in your wardrobe or a local charity shop.

#1 Ariana Grande 

Who doesn’t want to dress up as an absolute QUEEN ? If you’ve got the long hair you’re already half way there. All you need is White heels/ knee high boots. A bra-let/skirt combo or a black and white sixties style dress (think problem video). Wear your hair in her classic half up half down and add a flick of eyeliner.


If you wanna go all out, get some cat ears OR latex bunny ears from the dangerous woman shoot. Make sure you tan your body and you’re good to go!

#2 Velma, Scooby Do

I did this one recently and it was so easy! I borrowed an orange jumper from my friend, bought a red skirt from a charity shop and some orange tights off amazon! I made a fake fridge by kind of tucking it under itself and added fake freckles with a brow pencil. Luckily I wear glasses already but they’re so cheap to buy fake ones!


Carry a magnifying glass if you have one! This is a great group costume idea.

#3 Wednesday Addams 

YESSS I know it’s unoriginal but it’s so easy to do and looks so effective. ALL you need is a peter pan dress/ top+skirt. Do your hair in plaits, make your makeup a little scary and you’re sorted! My hair isn’t long enough for good plaits :/


#4 Posh Spice 

Probably the easiest of the lot? Everyone’s got a black dress, right? Then all you need are some MASSIVE sunglasses, a glossy nude lip, black heels and a bob. You can either wear a wig or make a fake bob by tucking your hair under itself.


#5 Sandy from Grease

You can make this pretty Sandy or dead Sandy! Just wear some wet look leggings/ leather jeans with a black top and red heels! With curly hair and red lips, you’re good to go!


Make this a dead Sandy by adding a scar on your neck, fake blood everywhere and freaky contacts!

All of these require a small amount of effort, a small amount of time and you probably won’t need to spend any money! Hope this has given you a few ideas if you don’t fancy covering yourself in blood this Halloween. Leave me a comment telling me what you’re going as I’d love to know!


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