I Tried The Kardashians Favourite Brow Product. 

Did anyone actually pay money to subscribe to Kardashians apps? All of the make-up videos are on YouTube and as that’s the only bit I care about I skipped the whole paying part. I couldn’t help but notice that in nearly every makeup video they all use one brow product- Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz (£15.50). Kim actually gets her brows done by Anastasia  herself. I’ve seen this product on YouTube videos for years and is loved by the likes of Jaclyn hill and Nikkie Tutorials.


Why I like it The product is basically a really thin twist up brow pencil, that doesn’t need sharpening. It can give a really defined shape and also mimic the look of real hairs. I have to say- I’m SO IMPRESSED. BELIEVE THE HYPE. Honestly, I spend quite a lot of time looking at my brows the first day I used this. If you’re into the whole faded front of brows look, this is great too.


Perfect for I’ll be using this day to day. It’s quite quick and easy to get a fleeky brow. 


Cons The only con I could think of with this is that I think I’d use it up quite quickly. I use quite a lot of product to get a really built up brows, but that may only be me as my natural brow hairs are quite sparse.

Shades Cult Beauty currently stock 10 shades. I chose the shade medium brown as this is my shade in their amazing Dipbrow Pomade (£15) reviewed here. For help choosing a shade, see the chart below.


If you’re looking for something to fill in your brows, look a bit more natural yet still able to get sharp and clean lines, this is for you. Hope you enjoyed today’s post and you’ll all be having fleeky brows in no time.




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