Tips To Help Anxiety 

I feel everyone experiences some form of anxiety at some point in their life, whether that’s getting exam nerves or suffering with an anxiety disorder.

Personally, I suffer with waves of anxiety randomly throughout my life. I get really dizzy, sick and just a horrible pain in my chest, it’s not fun. I feel I’ve learnt a few little ways to help and I hope I can help you too!

Breathe it’s proven what breathing can do for your body. When you feel waves of panic or nerves coming over you, take a deep breath in and really focus on your breath. Exhale and relax your whole body. I’ve used the app head space before which is a guided meditation and that really helps.

Exercise this may only help some people, but I found (when I was at my worse) the only time I didn’t have a weird dizzy feeling was when I was on the treadmill, focusing on my workout. Exercising raises the feel good chemicals in the body and kills the cortisol (people who suffer with anxiety normally have a higher level of it). I like doing interval training on the treadmill and booty exercises.

Chill The opposite of the previous one I mentioned. Chilling out and having some alone time is such a good way to chill. It brings down your heart rate and makes you focus on your breathing. I like to run a bath and pamper my self. Sticking on a funny or even scary film is a great way to let your mind wonder away from your worries.  I like to have a bath and watch one of my fave TV shows ( Glee or Rupaul anyone?) I always find burning lavender oil in my burner is a really nice way to make the room feel more calm.

Meditation Now I know this only works for some people but if its for you, you gotta stick with it! 5 minutes of meditation a day is great for the mind and really helps keep you centred. I’ve tried the app head space before which I liked but I feel exercising and doing more active things is a better distraction for me. I find it quite hard to sit there in silence as I tend to start focusing on all the things I’m worried about, but if this is good for you then that’s great and it’s a proven way to help.

Without getting too deep, I wanted to give a few small ways to help the every day anxieties we face. Anxiety is the worst, most painful feeling and I sympathise with anyone struggling with it. Obviously the best thing to do is go to the doctors and look into therapy but I hope I can help with a few little ways to make you feel better!

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