My Dream Roles 

Aside from being a lover of makeup, skincare and all things like that- I LOVE musical theatre. I’ve been doing it in school since I was 13 and have been in many amateur dramatic shows. I’m going to study it in September but for now, here are the roles I’m dying to play (or already have) enjoy! This blog post was inspired by my lovely friend Kez (you should go read her blog If you’re more into lifestyle things)

Wendla Bergman/spring Awakening Anyone who knows me will know Spring Awakening is my favourite musical of all time. It’s a musical about teenagers growing up and going through hard changes. A lot of sad, dramatic things happen but the music keeps it upbeat.  The story line is just so special and the songs are great, so funny and also so sad. I was lucky enough to be in the show, playing Thea. Although she was a lovely role, Wendla will always be my dream and I’d love a chance to play her one day. You can watch the full off Broadway production with Lea Michele and Jonathon Groff (my 2 fave’s ever!) here. 


Gabriella Montez I grew up watching all the high school musical films and all though I LOVE Sharpay and in number 3 she’s defo the best, Gabriella is always much more suited to me and is a great singing role. In February I got to play her with Apollo Productions. It was the best experience loving our a childhood dream, the 13 year old (and 20) in me was screaming the whole time. The best bit was all the iconic moments from the movie- when he hears her sing for the first time, when they do the decathlon and all the great cringey outfits. 

Veronica from heathers Now this one is a dream role for a reason, I don’t think I could be capable of playing her for a long time. She’s such a strong, dominating character at some points in the show. But the song seventeen gives me goosebumps and I can just imagine performing this on stage would be amazing. If you like things like mean girls, clueless or scream queens you’d love this show! 


These are the first 3 that come to mind but of course there are soooo many more- Janet from rocky horror, Elle from Legally blonde, Fanny Brice…

Let me know any roles you’d LOVE the chance to play one day…..


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