Hove Beach Day

The sun can make such a difference in Brighton. Everyone comes out from hibernation and whacks on their shorts, you’d think we had never seen the hot weather before. Personally, I much prefer going to the beaches in Hove more than Brighton. Last Tuesday me and Jake headed down to the beach for a stroll.


The beaches are so lovely and alot more quiet than the centre of Hove. There’s some lovely pubs and restaurants including the famous Marroccos ice cream shop!


I went for 1 scoop of honeycomb and 1 scoop of cookies and cream. Its honestly the best ice cream I’ve had and for £3.50 for two MASSIVE scoops you can’t go wrong. Jake went for a combination of mint choc chip and bubblegum, which I couldn’t think of anything worse.

IMG_0464 (2).JPG


Please excuse the chipped nails! We then headed down to sit on the pebbles to enjoy our ice cream and take in the atmosphere. It was so so hot.


After we decided to walk along side the beautiful beach huts (I’m lucky enough that my family own one, so I stopped off to say hello the the relatives enjoying it)



After working up a bit of an appetite we headed to the Connaught for some amazing food. I had a blue moon, which is a lovely refreshing beer.



Jake went for the ribs and chicken with fries and sweetcorn and I had the lemon sole with garlic mushrooms and fennel salad.





We had such a lovely day and I really enjoyed snapping away for this blog post! Please let me know if you’d like to see more lifestyle posts on my blog xxx


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