Stripped Back Skincare

Sometimes we just need to go back to basics. Pure, natural and organic skincare can do the world of good when your skin is struggling. If you’re going through a rough patch of acne, sensitivity or dryness I think going back to natural skincare is a good place to start.
I recently wanted to try some new brands as the reason I discovered my fave ever MOA green balm (featured here and here) was because I went out of my way to search for something new. I found myself on the website which is stocked with hundreds of completely natural brands, ones I know and ones I don’t. I spent ages scrolling through looking at all the lovely balms and oils.

I was lucky enough to be sent some goodies from pure potions. This brand was created by a lady who’s daughter suffered from eczema- something I can relate to. She decided to go the natural route of healing instead of the excessive amount of steroids the doctors seem to prescribe.

I got sent 2 different creams and here are my thoughts..


First of all is the lovely Daily Moisturising cream *(£13.99) , a lovely thick white cream perfect for daily moisture. It contains shea butter which makes it very softening on the skin. I have been really liking it for before I get dressed. It makes my skin feel very comfortable and does’t dry up my skin (like most creams o n the high street). Before I started using these, my psoriasis was very angry and i had red patches all over my body. The magic in these products have some how completely calmed them down, I cant believe it!


Next is the Intensive moisturising ointment * (£7.99), which is a thick balm texture. This is the kind of thing I slather on at night, after exfoliating and sleep in. My skin still feels soft the morning after. I believe this is the product that has cleared up my skin. If you have any rough patches or dry skin, whack this on and let it work wonders!


I understand some people hate the feel of greasy ointments on their skin but I love it, it really comforts my skin. I really recommend these products and they’re both completely natural.


Hope I have inspired you to try something new, through the chemicals away and give your skin a treat!

Products marked with an * have been sent to be for review, I’m not paid to mention them and all opinions are my own 🙂



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