New In: Caudalie Grape Water

I love face mists. I use them as toners, primers, setting sprays, pillow sprays and refreshment throughout the day. I’ve tried loads on the market, including the ever so popular Caudalie beauty elixir, but I’ve never tried the grape water before now.

Whilst browsing a cute independent shop at a vineyard in Alfriston (post to come with pictures) I saw they had a massive selection of Caudalie products. I’ve been using Caudalie for about a year now and I love the divine oil, beauty elixir and cleansing milk. I saw they had a massive bottle of grape water and I was intrigued.

This bottle is big. It contains 200ml of product which is loads for only £10, it’ll last you ages!


On first try, I loved the scent of this and it’s not as over powering as the beauty elixir. As its in an aresol can it dispurses a lovely even most over the face and chest area. Here are some ways I like to use this spray:

  • After cleansing, as an all over mist to add a layer of moister.
  • After cleansing, on a cotton pad sweeped over the face. As a gentle toner.
  • Under makeup, to give skin a glow and prep for foundation.
  • Over makeup, to take away a powdery finish and help makeup last longer.
  • Throughout the day to revive makeup and keep cool.
  • On pillows for a fresh scent.


This product is so multi functional and I LOVE it.

You can buy it direct from the Caudalie website here

Or here on Escentual where you can browse other amazing French brands:

To see what other things I love from the French pharmacy read this.

Hope I’ve inspried you all to buy this amazing product! Let me know if you buy it!xx


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