Under-rated products #1

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to come over to my blog. Today I’m going to be sharing a few products I have that I feel everyone should know about! These are things that may be popular on blogs or YouTube, yet i never hear my friends talking about. Hope you find something new…



I know that matte lips are all the rage right now, but for a natural day time look I love a simple gloss or a tinted balm. I love the Tanya Burr lip glosses as they are’t sticky at all. I think some people get really turned away from gloss as it’s something we all used to play around with when we were 13 and got our hair stuck in it! These ones are lovely and feel nourishing on the lips. My favourite shades are chic (£2.99) and champagne toast (£2.99)(cute names too!)

The next thing I want to mention isn’t a particular product, it’s a whole brand. The brand ELF has been around for years now and it has always been one of my favourites. I’ve notice the prices have gone up but it’s still really affordable, around the Rimmel price point. Some of my favourite products from the brand are: Elf contour kit (£7.50) -amazing bronzer shade. Elf brow gel (£3.00)– makes my brows last all night, The HD powder (£7.50) -perfect for baking and a Kim K highlight under the eyes. Also their loose eye shadows (£2.00).


I LOVE my Rimmel and MAC lip liners, but for around 6 months now I’ve been ignoring them and reaching for my ones from……..PRIMARK. I know. They’re £1 and honestly one of the best formulas I’ve ever used. I think they change their stock regularly so keep checking back to see when they have good colours. I’ve used a few nude shades and love them so much. (As you know, Primark don’t have an online store so I can’t like them.)


I hope you’ve found some new products to try! Let me know some products that you think I should try. Thanks for reading!!


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