Skincare: Cleansing Balms

A cleansing balm is my personal favourite way of cleansing. I find oils too messy and milks not effective enough to remove waterproof make-up. I love being able to really work a product into my skin and I find a balm the best way of doing this…

To use a cleansing balm (if you’re new to the idea) you massage it into DRY skin with a full face of make-up. This does feel weird at first but its so effective. You can massage it right into your lashes and all around your skin. After melting away your make-up and looking like a panda, take a warm wet face cloth and wipe it all away. There are may tutorials on YouTube

LUSH ultra-bland cleansing balm.  (£7.50) 

Pros: Really gentle ingredients, Smooth texture, Leaves skin feeling nourished, not stripping at all, part of LUSH recycling scheme.(take back 5 clean pots, get a free face mask), Organic,Cruelty free, really good for problematic.

Cons: Odd smell ( I like it, many people online don’t), Not the best at removing waterproof make-up. Slightly small size.

Magic organic apothecary ‘The Green Balm’  (£12.99)

Pros: 100% organic and natural ingredients, melts easily into the skin, doesn’t leave a film over the eyes. Smells lovely. Multi use, can be used to smooth and calm skin.

Cons: Glass packaging, makes it hard to travel with. Hard to find, I bought mine from WICK on Portland Road, Hove.

100% pure organic coconut oil (prices vary) 

Pros: brand doesn’t matter as long as it’s organic and cold pressed ,100% natural, easy to buy, multi use, good a removing makeup, conditions lashes

Cons: hard to melt into hand due to solid texture, can leave vision blurry (notmal, safe)

More that are lovely: the body shop chamomile, Eve lom, Emma hardie, botanics (from boots)

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